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Pure Nutrition.
Low Carb, High Fat, Keto Diet shakes made from real food ingredients - NOT powders.

We believe that great nutrition comes from high quality, natural whole foods, naturally low in sugar and carbs, naturally gluten free and packed with naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and fibre. Purition provides the ideal balance of healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals for a Ketogenic diet.

Simply blend Purition with your favourite milk to make the perfect Keto diet-friendly, ultra low carb, gluten free shake.

Natural, no cook, Keto Diet shake

Purition is made with unrefined, natural whole food fats from seeds and nuts to fuel your lifestyle.

Breakfast when you don't have time to cook, lunch when you don't have time to prepare a meal or your first meal of the day when fasting.

Perfect Keto fuel when you know suitable foods are not going to be available later in the day.


What is in it?
Natural Ingredients.
Naturally Low-Carb.

We are obsessed with quality. Quality ingredients. Quality nutrition. Quality control. We will never swap real food for processed powders, additives, refined seed oils or flavorings. Have a look at our ingredients - all recognizable and easy to spell. From British golden flax seed to California almonds and Sri Lankan coconuts we source only the finest ingredients and then we chop, mix and blend our ingredients in-house so we can control every step of production. All our energy and passion is focused on putting the very best nutrition in each bag of Purition.

Keto Nutrition: Fast and Easy

Ready, set, blend.
Because real food does not dissolve, you will have to blend Purition for a smooth consistency. It’s fast and easy: add Purition to your favorite milk, blend for 30-40 seconds and drink.

While each flavor has its own unique taste profile, all Purition blends have a nut and seed base which gives them a subtle nutty flavor. The blends are versatile, allowing you to tailor the taste depending on your mood. Have your Purition shake for breakfast, lunch when you don't have time to cook or as fuel for your workout or recovery.

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Low Carb, High Fat Keto Shakes
Additional serving suggestions, Purition is versatile!

Here's a selection of our favorite Low-Carb Keto-friendly serving suggestions.

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Purition is a low carb high fat breakfast shake that is ideal for anyone on a Keto or low carb diet. Purition is suitable for anyone wanting to reduce sugar and carbs for health and weight loss. Purition is made from real food, no powdered seede oils, thickeners, gums, flavorings etc. Purition is quick and delicious. Our natural ingredients are gluten free low carb and ideal for breakfast or lunch when you don't have time to cook. High fat, low sugar, moderate protein and lots of fiber from whole foods at less than 5g net carbs per serving.

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